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Matt Ballard – Biography

Albert Lee, MN – Farming communityAll my relatives had something to do with farming.  My mom’s maiden name was Sorensen.  All farmers, her sister Claris Pence.  Lots of nice people in MN.  I had so much fun as a small child on my relatives farms with horses, cows, and pigs.  We also went fishing and ice-skating, snowmobiling, and other fun stuff.

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At one time in MN, I fell off a pier and was pulled out of the water by a lifeguard and almost drowned. 
Here’s a small poem I wrote about MN.

Way up north
Feast your eyes
It’s called Minnesota
With it’s beautiful skies

This place is a wonder
With it’s lakes and streams
It’s like God made it
Out of pleasant dreams

Yes, I like Minnesota
And I’m going back there
It’s where people are nice
And show they care.

From it’s towns
To it’s land so green
It’s the most beautiful state
I’ve ever seen.

I started writing poems as a small child..  My dad was in the sign business, neon signs and electronic signs.  We moved to Gallop, NM where lots of stuff happened.  I was in 1st grade and started to ride bicycles and go mountain climbing with friends.  We watched movies in the outdoor movie theatre from up on the hill all the time.  We camped out with my brothers.  They had jeeps and motorcycles and they filmed “Blazing Saddles” when I lived there.  We also had lots of good Indian friends.

Then, we moved to Albuquerque, NM and a lot of stuff happened there.  One time I was on the playground and my Mom and my little sister got in a car accident.  I saw it happen because it was right next to the playground.  We caught a lot of frogs in ponds and that’s when the Beatle’s started becoming popular.

Then, we moved to Salina, Kansas.  That’s when I started to learn how to swim and my dad bought me my first bicycle.  I rode all over town and caught craw dad’s and sold them to bait stores.  I was always the new kid at school and I seemed to get in lots of fights on the playground.

I then started taking an interest in motorcycles and riding my bicycle to different bike shops all over town.  I learned about bikes, Harley Davidson and other neat stuff.

Then, we moved to Libertyville, IL when I was in the third grade.  I joined boys club football and my coach was Mr. Bach.  I also played baseball and Hockey at Butler Lake.  I told my dad that I wanted a Motorcycle and he said that when he was a kid, they had to build their own motorcycles.  So, I started getting the parts together and we built a motorcycle for me.  It was really amazing to ride. 

I played some high school football but I was more interested in riding my motorcycle.  I started racing every weekend instead of going to football games.  I raced professional motocross races for manufacturers and various dealers such as Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Zundapp, Maco, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Cooper.  Below are some of the motorcycle tracks I raced at.