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Hawk Talk
By Matt Ballard
January 14th, 2010

The Blackhawk’s first game as an NHL team was on November 17th 1926, and from day one, they have had a strong fan base. Blackhawk fans are exceptionally dedicated to their hockey. From the first owner, Frederic McLaughlin to the current Wirtz owners, it’s been like family. It’s the same with the fans, generations have loved the Hawks and feel part of the family.

Fans are part of the team. High expectations of the Hawks and fans go hand in hand. When things are going good on the ice you, better believe the fans show their appreciation. You can see why fans get so excited, the Blackhawk’s have won the Stanley Cup 3 times, have been in the playoffs 10 times and have had 3 MVP’s in the All Star Games.

The Blackhawks listen! In 2008, the Hawks management thought they would fade out the organ music. They thought it was not appealing to the younger generation. Well, the fans said no, we love our organ music. Management listened and Frank Pelico, the organist, was back in business.

You won’t find a Hawks fan that does not love the National Anthem at the stadium from the beloved Wayne Messmers to the current great Jim Cornelison, it brings tears to the eyes and pride in our country every time.

Congratulations Hawks fans!

This poem I have written is my contribution as a Hawk’s fan. Scroll down to see all the words below the video.

Go Hawk’s Poem

From the face off
To the play offs
I want to see a Hawk
It’s not just talk.

It’s guys on ice
They’re nothing nice
It’s off with the gloves
That’s what we love.

It’s fights and scoring
Beers pouring-never boring
That’s hockey they’re cocky
It rocks, they’re heading
For the penalty box.

It’s skill not luck
The way they handle that puck
They have to think
When in that rink.

We’re red, black and white
With a win in sight
We’re going all the way
With a power play.

We won’t give up
Until we win
The Stanley Cup!

Go Hawks!