Guest Poets

Below are some poems from our guest poets…

On the Edge

It’s just a few inches
or should I say feet
You can see it from here
It’s right over there
A couple of blocks
or a couple of miles
It’s moving quite slowly
It’ll be quite awhile
It’ll darken your days
It’ll brighten your nights
It can scare you to death
and its end makes you smile

©  Thomas Lentz
June 11, 2004


The Garden

He appeared in a dark room
His hand on a doorknob
And a voice whispering
Open the door
Not knowing what will happen
He does as he’s told
And when the door was pulled open
He saw what he had never seen before
A place where the floor is the sky
And the trees are the stars
That are never to die
And still in awe
He feels a hand on his shoulder
And as he turns around
To behold a man
That he not ever seen afore
This man was holding a hose
In which you could not see the end of
He mumbled
I am the gardener of this place
For this place is a garden
in which humans grow
and where humans go when they feel sad
they come upon this beautiful garden
to uproot their burden
to abolish sighs
and remove fears
and now my champion I
pass the key to this beautiful garden unto you
© Phillip Dusseau
April 2007



What is life like now?
Emptiness, loneliness, dreary silence.
It’s an overwhelming adjustment..
A section of me died with you,
The part that made the two of us, one.

What was living like before?
A grand mixture of life,
Love, laughter and sharing,
Frustrations and disappointments,
Talking, touching and caring.
All that made the two of us one.

How am I handling life now?
I lean heavily on feelings of gratefulness.
I’m grateful for my strength and willpower,
For the love of my friends and family;
Especially, your children and mine.

With God’s help, I will live
A different, good mixture of life
Until the day I join you in death.
I miss you, my love
But I’m doing ok.

© Phyllis Joy Davison

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