My Dog and Cat

My Dog and Cat

Two wonderful pets, we love a lot.
Our cat named Tiger, and our dog named Spot.

They’re really something, and quite tame.
They both obey, and know their name.

And what an interesting pair, the way they play and fight.
But they trust each other, not to bite.

And if you throw a stick, our dog will fetch.
In his mouth, the stick he’ll catch.

And our silly cat, will chase a mouse.
Not anywhere in sight, is one in our house.

And if you pet our cat, you’ll hear her purr,
Just run your hand, across her fur.

On our couch, asleep is our cat.
Sometimes all day, that’s where she’s at.

For a bone, our dog will beg.
With a bone, his tail will wag.

What a wonderful life, with our cat and hound.
So much pleasure, with them we have found.

© By Matthew Ballard