NASCAR Poem by Matt Ballard

Got me this far
Now I need a guitar

Last time in second place
It’s your turn to chase
You may have won in the past
But now I’m twice as fast

I have control of my speed
And twice the need
And first place is no fool
He’s cool
He’ll stop and wait
And ask for a date
He puts his fans ahead of the pack
We’re on the same track

And when I become
I won’t just idyl
I’ll rev it up
I’ll go full throttle
I’ll marry a model

Father like son
You do things
Like your father done
You don’t just race for fun
You race to be number one

You can’t stop a NASCAR racer
They have great skill
And love a thrill
They learn it from their Pop
No matter where they start
They finish on top

© By Matthew Ballard