Slaying a Dragon

Slaying A Dragon

Wouldn’t it be something, to be a knight,
And for excitement you fight.
You live for the moment,
When you’ll meet your opponent.
There’s nothing you fear,
Like jousting with a spear.
Imagine your self, upon a huge strong horse.
While striking your enemy with full force.
You have knocked your rival from his saddle,
You have won the battle.
And as the dust is clearing,
You can hear the distant crowd,
That is cheering real loud.
And there’s the king, on his throne,
And he isn’t alone.
The king is with the queen,
And the battle they both seen.
And with their approval, they rise,
Showing you’re the hero to recognize.
Then with your courage, on a mission you’re sent,
It’s considered a knight’s most dangerous event.
For this is a mission that could lead to your death,
You are to slay a dragon, with fire in his breath.

And as you ride from the castle, across the drawbridge,
You’re heading for the mountains, high on the ridge.
That is where the beast lives you seek,
Somewhere up near the mountains peak.
And as your horse grows tired, carrying supplies,
It’s time to rest you realize.
You sit by the fire sharpening a knife,
Preparing your weapons, to take the dragons life.
Then after you rest, comes the break of day,
You set on your quest, for the dragon to slay.
And while on your horse, in shining armor you’re wearing,
Riding down treacherous paths, you must be daring.
Then there’s the clue, you’re looking for,
A track made by a dragon, so you look for more.
You follow the tracks, not scared in the least,
And there in the canyon you find the beast.
The dragon has you within his sight,
He’s hissing and snarling, prepared for a fight.
It’s the dragon and you, so now you attack,
While mounted on your horses back.
With your sharp long spear, it’s the dragon you’re stabbing,
The beast is vicious, and it’s your horse he’s grabbing.
Your horse is wounded, and he falls to the ground,
Your armor is clanging with such a sound.

You leap to your feet, and draw your sword,
And with a thrust to the beast,
On the ground his blood poured.
Then with a slither and twist he hissed,
And from his mouth a spray of flame, but you he missed.
You must be careful, this dragon has horns,
You must avoid them, they’re sharp as thorns.
The beast is hurt, and falling,
With little movement, he’s barely crawling.
And with the dragon on his last breath,
You feel the agony for his death.
Your instructions are to remove his eyes,
For that’s the proof, the king will recognize.
And there on the ground, lays your horse on his side,
You help him to his feet, he’s well enough to ride.
So you ride down the mountain, the same way you came,
Knowing at the castle you’ll have a reputation of fame.
And on your arrival, you receive a welcome that’s grand,
And the king offers you his daughters hand.
Then in your honor, there’s a feast,
For you’re the knight who killed the beast.

© By Matthew Ballard